Celeste Blair

cbCeleste Blair

Celeste was born in Nacogdoches, Texas and studied drawings from her mother’s Bible. At 15, she had a private tutor, Professor Carl Schicker at the local University and won Awards at fairs. She drew for her teachers, school annual and band. Her first job was posters for the local theatre.

Continued to study until adult then, in New Orleans, Jackson Square, she studied pastels portraits as a street artist with Frank Federico. While teaching at Senior Centers, she organized the 1st Street Fair in Orange, Tx. Composition in Oils with Richard Stout, Hi-lighted her BA in Fine Arts at Houston U. While in Italy, she studied miniatures, and with Dr Varma, a noted Artist that did portraits of the Maharishi. After this, inspiring trip, Celeste taught Meditation and Painting.

dsc02642Then in Laguna, she taught meditation and painting, at her studio where she won awards at Seal Beach Art Shows and Renaissance Fairs. During those years she was an apprentice for Fred Rash, Newport Beach, and worked at Knott’s Berry as a Portrait Artist. After which, she had an Art Gallery/Studio in Cannery Village. She studied with Leslie B deMile, Laguna and Heiner Hertling, Oils. While in India, she helped create a Mural at a Temple for her Guru and then another mural in a couple of restaurants.

dsc02641In recent years, she has studied with Jerry Yarnell, Acrylic. As a Demonstrator – Guest Artist, Celeste has been a featured artist at several Art Leagues in Southern California. Her Art Works can be viewed at the Inland Emprire Museum of Art as well as some Art Galleries. She teaches Fine Art every Monday at her Studio, Hesperia and every Tuesday at Hobby Lobby, Rancho Cucamonga.

Contact Celeste at celestehblair@gmail.com

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