Doree Porter

porter-profile-pic DOREE PORTER

Watercolor painting is a joyful experience. The first time I saw two watercolors flow together and explode into its own expression, I was amazed at its independence and impact.

The process of “looking” at the beauty around me and trying to capture it, is always rewarded. The discipline of observing the curves and shadows in a rose or the change of values and intensity in the blues of the sky or ocean and then capturing it on paper has been full of interesting challenges and learning. Painting is a way for me to honor the Almighty Creator by not only trying to capture what I see but also to communicate emotions and spiritual elements through color, texture, shape, line and contrast.

Born in Seoul, Korea to a Korean mother and Scottish/Norwegian (Montana born and raised) father, I grew up in Peru and the Panama Canal Zone. People of other cultures and places have always been a part of my life. California became my home when I came to finish college at University of Southern California.

After a career primarily in Human Resources, I was blessed to be able to stay home to raise four children with my husband, Chris. When we are not busy producing art, we love to spend time exploring and learning with our children/family/friends around the world, growing with God through Bible Study and church.

I am so pleased to be part of the Pomona Valley Art Association Gallery SOHO at the Montclair Plaza, California. Please come visit!

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