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fran-ortizFRAN ORTIZ

Fran Ortiz is a native Californian, born in Pasadena to parents of Southwest Native American and Hispanic roots. Her love for the outdoors is inspiration for much of her beautiful watercolor images.  Her art studies began with classes in Fine Art at Pasadena City College. A Bachelor of Arts degree was received in Technical Theater from California State University Long Beach. Her technical stage knowledge was applied to creating props andpainting for summer repertory theaters.In addition, Fran obtained her Elementary School Teaching Credential through Azusa Pacific University.

Her interest in painting started when she was 5 years old. Anything and everything from newsprint to cookies were eager candidates for paint. Watercolor has been her focus for the last twenty years. She also keeps busy teaching beginning watercolor through Citrus College Continuing Education Program. In addition to her teaching she has demonstrated her talent in a variety of venues including the L.A. County Fair where she could be seen painting at the Millard Sheets Art Gallery. Her work can, and has been seen in many art shows throughout Southern California.

Her watercolors illustrate how she enjoys designing the composition so that the viewer becomes a “visual traveler” journeying through light and dark shapes, mood and color. “Watercolor is great fun because it lends itself to a sense of whimsy and playfulness.” Problem solving and designing the blank, white piece of paper is a joy for her.“I am fascinated with designing, organizing elements, thinking about space and shapes. I am always looking to see how to artistically interpret the sparkle in everyday life and allow my love for theatrical storytelling to peek through.” Today, her artistic aim is to try to stay loose and expressive giving an interpretation, not the exact likeness of the subject. Her painting efforts run along side those of the California StyleWatercolor artists like Milford Zornes, Rex Brandt and more recently Chris Van Winkle. “I love to share with my students thetechnical sideof paintingbut more importantlyencourage themto see the world with apainter’s eye.”

Besides her artistic endeavors, she and her husband Michael are happily raising teen boys.  Between family, friends, and her church affiliation, Fran is not interested in being complacent. It’s her desire to set goals, love her art, and especially those around her.

Art memberships – Mid-Valley Arts League (MVAL), Associated Artist of the Inland Empire (AAIE), Watercolor West, Pomona Valley Art Association (PVAA)

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