Friday Night

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I attended “Movie Night” with my husband at the PVAA located in the Montclair plaza. Remember slide shows from days past?  Well this was so much more interesting! Two hours seemed to fly by, each five minute movie was creative and well done. I left wanting more!

Dorene Mittwer


Carol, please forward to PVAA group my compliments on last Friday’s “Night at the movies”.

I’m sure its got to be so rewarding for you to watch the shows created by so many of your talented students. Their ability to use the ProShow software you so thoroughly understand to such a high level was amazing. I saw so many features that intrigue me, and make me sorry that I’m still involved in other work that has kept me away from more ProShow and Photoshop classes from you.

Although further away from my home, I’m happy for you to have relocated to PVAA. It seems like such a good match. More friendly, and more artisti That’s what I see in you so much, the art that comes out of your technical side. You are a great teacher and a great artist.

Stay the course. See you in class

John B. Gibson


I had a great time at Movie Night, I loved the shows presented by the students of Carol Hoy. We are very fortunate to have the best instructor to teach Proshow Producer 8. The PVAA offers a great location to come and learn how to create photo video slideshows. Students who attend are very friendly and always willing to help new students. It is a family atmosphere Carol Hoy has created. So if you want to learn how to create great video slideshows, come and join us at the PVAA….

Mario Cruz student for 5 years

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