Jan Wright

jan-wright-best-of-showJan Wright

While Jan Wright held several college degrees including a PhD, she didn’t begin studying art until she was near retirement. Rather than returning to college, she has studied with numerous local as well as nationally known water media artists including Chris Van Winkle, Citrus College, Spring 1998 -2015; Tom Fong, Mt. San Antonio College, Fall, 1999 to 2013; Betty Hook; three to five-day workshops with Zoltan Szabo, Milford Zornes, Skip Lawrence, Christopher Schink, Henry Fukuhara, George James, EricWeingardt, Frank Francese, Betsy Dillard Stroud, Frank Webb; Dale Laitenen and Don Andrews; Gerald Brommer; and various other workshops and weekend courses; Oregon State University, three terms of oil painting, 1961-62. She currently continues her study.

She has participated in well over 200 individual, 2-3 person and group art shows both locally and in state, national and international exhibitions winning awards in many of them including “Best of Show.” Her work appeared in the 2016 exhibition of the Western Federation, an organization of 16 watercolor societies in the western half of the U.S. She was named “Artist of the Year” by CCMA in 2015.

She is a frequent demonstrator of both objective and non-objective images in watercolor and acrylic. She works with all ages and experience levels.

Jan believes that we’re hard-wired for art. Every primitive society produced art, advanced societies value it and current art forms using new technology abound. Visual art transforms the ordinary by combining imagination and creativity with visual experience, re-visioning reality. She says, “Painting has taught me how to see. The door to a new dimension has opened—light against dark, negative space, shapes as opposed to objects and, above all, COLOR. My life will never be the same.”

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