Julianna Balogh


JULIANNA BALOGH was born in Hungary, she escaped from the communist country at the age 21. She spent two months in the Italian refugee camp and six months in Paris, before seeking refuge in the United States. In 1988 she received her Bachelor of Arts from University of California (UCLA).

In 1991 she received her Adult Education Teaching Credential. Since then she taught art classes in different adult schools and Community Colleges to a variety of ethnic groups and ages in the Los Angeles area. Her experience in teaching and in her work includes drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography and ceramics.

In 2000 she received her M.F.A from Claremont Graduate University. She mounted number of successful shows but it clear that many of her more important plans and ideas have remained unrealized so far because their financial and logistical requirements. She served as docent for the American Museum of Ceramic Art and she curated numerous shows for her students.

“Ms. Balogh is an artist with unusual promise. She is deeply committed to making art and arts relevance to the contemporary sociopolitical world. Underlying her belief in traditional and more current technical methods is a very broad conceptual outlook. Her work seems to originate in a European view of art that is conceptual grant in style and boldly romantic in character.”            Roland Reiss Professor of Art and Benezet Professor of Humanities, Emeritus



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