Karen Clark

Karen Clark, from a very early age, had an avid interest in art.  At 15, she entered a stone sculpture in the California Regional and was awarded a “Golden Key”.  In college, she majored in Art History and Studio Arts, and then decided to further her education by getting a Secondary Credential at USCLA.  While there, she took studio classes in sculpture and fiber.  She fell in love with fiber, found out UCLA offered a master’s program in Fiber and continued her education there.

Karen has taught classes in most media to all ages.  In 1989 she opened her art studio and gallery, “Artist’s Hang-Out”.  It was a very successful and rewarding experience, but after 19+ years of running the business, she hungered for the time to start showing her own art, mainly her late-blooming love of watercolor.  She closed her studio and started showing her work locally, then statewide, and finally internationally, winning many awards.

You can find Karen teaching a few classes at Central Park in Rancho Cucamonga, teaching workshops, or lecturing at various art associations; a continual joy of sharing her knowledge of art with students.


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