Michelle Lee


Michelle earned her Bachelor’s degree at the University of Minnesota with a concentration in ceramic arts. Michelle began her art career in Minneapolis Minnesota where she has exhibited her work in the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the North East Minneapolis Art-A-Whirl.
Michelle moved to California two years ago. Her work is currently exhibited at the Gallery SOHO in Montclair. Michelle describes her art as, “Whimsical forms and shapes…” She says of her pieces, “…its gestures speak on its own.”

Michelle’s mission is to influence her community to do more art by introducing new ways to look at shapes and forms in the things we use daily. Michelle would like you to know, “You will look at the ceramic area with much different eyes on your next trip to a museum. You are very much part of the clay world! Before you know it, you will find yourself bringing something from your dreams into reality by making art; it is completely satisfying and happy place. Encourage yourself to start seeing the gestures of the forms you have created; see how it speaks!”

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