Richard H. Freund

Riimage001chard H. Freund

Richard is a self taught artist.  Even though he has never studied art in an academic setting, the private training he has taken has allowed him the freedom and independence to develop his own unique style of art.

He has been involved in some form of artistic pursuit all his life, working in an award winning limited form of Assemblage for six years prior to 2007, when he transitioned into a broader area of this medium, making use of the full spectrum of found objects and now has a distinctive approach to Assemblage art, in the form of Painted Assemblage / Object Sculpture, and has continued to received numerous awards in art competitions.

Richard believes making art from found objects allows his imagination to expand and flourish.
He enjoys bringing otherwise unrelated objects together, using paint to unify and transform them into a unique work of art.  His art ranges from fanciful and fun to exciting and emotional.  His objective is to rouse feelings within the viewer.

Besides entering in Art Competitions, Richard is focused on showing his work at Art Festivals and sharing what he has learned by teaching workshops.

Email:    Website: www.FAFFO.Net


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