Shayne McGuire

300dpimeShayne McGuire

I teach photography at Tri Community Adult Photo Education in Covina, CA. and have been teaching there since 2003. I have a teaching credential.

I also run photography tours and workshops in Alaska, Africa, Montana and Norway. I have been running the tours for over 7 years and workshops for 4. For the past 3 summers, I have worked on an expedition ship in the Arctic and the Antarctic as the photographer in residence.

I won PPLAC’s Nature photographer of the year 2013.

For many years I exhibited and sold my photographic work at Celtic/Irish/ Scottish festivals. All my work was shot on film and hand developed by myself in the darkroom. My work of Ireland, Scotland and England has been published in catalogs, magazines, and on t shirts and books. Several pieces have been featured on TV shows.

Besides my passion for landscape and Celtic ancestry, wildlife was always #1. I have seen places so wild, that caribou will walk by you, where grizzly bears prefer salmon to photographers and polar bears walk on ice. I have seen eagles soar overhead, humpback whales breach, lions roar, and elephants fading into the African sunset. Seeing this fragile part of the last wilderness has made me more determined to capture on camera what must be saved and experienced.

I don’t think of myself so much as a photographer, but more a storyteller, collecting rare moments in time

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