Ladies of Photo-Realism

The Exhibit ‘Ladies of Photo-Realism’ runs from April 25 – May 7th / 11 am – 7 pm.
Reception Sunday, May 1st 2-5pm


We are a group of artists who believe works of art that are much like photos or even more realistic than photos, have as much creativity, flow, and beauty as works that are labeled abstract, impressionistic or simply realistic.  We are constantly asked why we aren’t just satisfied with the photo.  People in general don’t realize we are always tweaking the color and/or value and adding or subtracting things out of the reference photo to evoke more emotion, story-telling, and beauty in the finished work.  The big difference between us and a realistic artist is that we like to do the “impossible”, (get every little hair or…) because we can and it’s a fun challenge that not every artist is able to do or wants to do.


Our exclusive members set up shows as a group such as this one to educate people about photo-realism and to show its value as a form of art.  If you are a photo-realist and are interested in joining our society, please let us know.  Our application form is attached for you to fill out, and we will contact you about a time when our board can meet with you to screen your work.  Please have at least 3 photo-realistic works in any medium for your screening.  Thank you!

IMG_0940 (1024x731)

Five talented ladies from the Society of Photo-Realists are in the current show running at the ‘Art Place’, located next to Nordstrom on the 2nd level of the Montclair Place. The group of 5 includes the following: artists:  Karen Clark, Janet Castro, Nancy Brinkley, Trudy Wood and Tess Lee.

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