Tony Wang

Tony Wang is a well-known professional and commercial photographer, in addition to being an enthusiastic and compassionate educator.  He has worked with mainstream, well-established advertisers in New York for over 20 years.  Tony is a sought-after photographic professional by international agencies and publishers having received numerous awards in his industry.   With his extensive knowledge of analog and digital printing, post-production and retouching, he is able to envision a finished product thus making advanced corrections when/if needed.  His priority and passion is to create inviting and beautiful images without losing the sense of realism.


Tony enjoys teaching photography at a local community college and eagerly encourages new students, always willing to share his professional skills, knowledge and conceptual approach.


  • Director & photographer: Tony Wang Studios, New York City, established 1985 (NY/LA/Shanghai)
  • S. Photography, with honors: Rochester Institute of Technology, NY
  • Professor, Commercial Photography: Shanghai Tongji University
  • Award Winner: “Excellence of Overseas Chinese” 1995
  • Award Winner: “2006 China Advertising Photography Biennial”
  • Member: APA, ASMP
  • Member: Shanghai Advertising Photography Association
  • Member: Pomona Valley Art Association

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